En attendant

Jilann O'Neill

'En attendant' is a song born directly out of the March 2020 lockdown. Alone in a tiny apartment in Paris by friend Amélie knew that creating & singing would help me get through. She wrote these lyrics with me in mind.

I hope that in listening to 'En attendant' (Meanwhile) will be reminded not just of the pandemic but perhaps of the powerful healing that came from stories like these...where people united in love and care for each other.

NOTE: LYRICS - both French and English...CLICK LYRICS on the right of song.

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'En attendant' - New Song Release Today, March 16, 20201...

on this same day in 2020 Paris and much of the world went into lockdown ('confinement' as they say in French) and I thus spent It was three months alone in my 350sq ft apartment in Paris. I went out so little that I didn't even see the leaves change into Spring. I'll never forget the sensation of the first time I ventured to a nearby square and say that bright, almost fluorescent green on the trees! 

Like so many others, this time brought immense challenges but also growth as we dug deep and found strength in each other! My friend (and amazing photographer) Amélie Chopinet was a huge part of my support team and encouraged me to post songs and turn to my music. Perhaps inspired by that, she began to write lyrics for me in French. She knew that to finally record a French/English lyric album has been my dream. So, on a day in April, I received the lyrics to what would become 'En attendant' 

The story of how this song was created is a real reflection of the times and I know it will always be special to me for that and many other reasons. More on the 'behind the scenes' to come...please sign up for my mailing list where I'll be sharing exclusive releases and information. 

Thank you all and I wish you too all the best in this difficult time. Stay together, because it's together that we find hope and strength to carry on. 


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